Hey New Mama

You are tired, overwhelmed, and just want to give up.

This motherhood thing isn't what you expected. You don't know how to change things and aren't even sure if you can. You are not alone.

I can help. 

Already Radiant is a resource to help you experience a better postpartum. You deserve to be at peace with your past, live confidently in your present, and have vibrant hope for your future. I know that you can reduce, or even avoid, postpartum mood disorders and I'm here to teach you how. 

I'm Alicia. I'm a certified Life Coach and Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW). Adjusting to motherhood was the biggest transition of my life and I realized how much we need emotional strength during such a difficult season. 

So I pulled together all my resources and tools from psychology and combined them with my personal experience of parenting to help you have a better adjustment to motherhood.

You belong here if you...

  • are feeling overwhelmed by the adjustment to motherhood.

  • are unable to get to a therapist's office because if time, distance, or cost.

  • are suffering in silence, mostly sure you can handle it all yourself.

  • aren't ready to set foot in a therapists office.

  • want to get off medication and finally have the resources to keep your symptoms managed.

  • are struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety and looking for tools to help relieve some of your symptoms.

  • aren't ready to admit that you need help.

  • are on medication and want to do the work to improve the parts of life that you have control over.

  • want to add to you skills and reduce your time spent at the therapists office.

For you mama, I send an extra hug. I'm so very glad you found us. The information here can change your life.

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A self-paced, skill building course designed to teach you how to master your thoughts, improve your mood, and boost your confidence.

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